AleksVFX – Montage 2014

Creative Direction, VFX Supervision & Lead 2D Artist Montage for 2014

Overview of my past work (2002-2014) in the field of visual effects, as a Creative Director, VFX supervisor, 2D lead and look development artist on multiple platforms,  Autodesk Flame & Nuke.

Montage put together using Smoke on Mac.



Nukepedia publishes my first article

The go-to portal of the Nuke artists world-wide, one that actually has taken reins as the premiere exchange of knowledge and especially nuke related tools and scripts has published my article on compositing practices. Click on the image to go to and check it out.

Nuke Displace Geo tutorial

A while back I made this Nuke tutorial that still gets a lot of views on YouTube. It’s about a not-so-often used functionality of the software. Check it out!