While this online system is supposed to be a convenient way for your schedulers and producers to book me, it is in it’s testing phase. If there’s no prompt response please reach out to me directly through the contact page.


  • Mark your dates by clicking on them in the calendar. You will only be able to click on the open dates.
  • Then scroll below and fill in the boxes with your first and last name, company name, email and contact phone number, and leave a brief description of the job along with basic info (project name, production, agency, location, and anything else you feel is relevant to mention).
  • IMPORTANT: After you submit your request wait a few moments for it to go through, do not hit back or leave the page! The “send” button will be greyed out while the system is processing your request.
  • Once the request is processed you’ll get a confirmation message and you can navigate off the page and wait for your answer.

Important notes

  • This booking system is currently being tested for efficiency and ease of use, feedback is appreciated.
  • If there’s no prompt response please follow up directly via email.
  • This is a booking calendar, not a hold calendar. Approved bookings may be subject to a kill-fee.

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