Unfortunately we are all enduring a real, unimaginable crisis these days, weeks, months. COVID-19 pandemic has stopped the world, in the figurative meaning of the world.

Doing on-site visual effects supervision work has all but ceased worldwide, as more and more shows out there are facing cancelations by the minute. Deadline, Variety and other industry news websites are reporting daily on new developments, but every news we’re getting is unequivocally doom and gloom for our industry. Things are dire, indeed, no question about that.

In this dark hour, I wish to send a lot of love and support to all the production people who are hit the hardest among us. We on the post-production side are scrambling to offer remote services to our clients, and from the looks of it – pretty successfully, too. But these sure are tough times for all! Toughest in 21st Century history for our entire industry, not a shred of doubt about that.

That being said, while I am staying healthy and fit as a fiddle (and counting my blessing to be so, too) – I will be absolutely staying open for business as long as possible – and so will DENT VFX, my VFX & Color store-front.

Reach out if you need on-site or remote visual effects services, if you are going forward with your shoot, or need a VFX consult for the one you’re planning. It’s not easy to cut through the whirlwind of false information out there, but from everything we know – with right prevention, honoring all the rules like hygiene, distance and a plethora of common sense prevention practices, we may be seeing the light on the end of the tunnel and start getting back on the sets and ahead of this pandemic.

If it’s hazmat suits for all – so be it. The show must go on, or we’re all gonna be broke, plain and simple. Now, more then ever it’s important to stay informed, positive and above everything – healthy! I am sure we will power through this like we did countless times before.

Keep it real, keep it rockin’ and stay safe!

Aleksandar Djordjević
Visual Effects Supervisor