Stevie Wonder featuring Ariana Grande – “Faith”

I helped bring Stevie Wonder’s and Ariana Grande collaboration on song “Faith” to life. I had another opportunity to supervise the amazing MPC’s VFX team and work on solving the creative task of bringing Alan Bibby’s vision to life. The animation was loosely based on the famous “Muto” animation by Blu and we had to achieve the similar wall-paint effect for the outdoor animations. Then, in 2D, using camera tracks, we put together a treatment for the interior shots where the animated animals from “Sing”, the blockbuster movie out in theaters now were rotoscoped out of the provided footage and composited into the environment using the magic of spotlights.

Amazing team by the MPC team, yet again! Enjoy the song!


Illumination Entertainment


Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande


Republic Records


Alan Bibby

VFX Supervisor

Aleksandar Djordjevic

Production Company

Chirp Films

Live Action Line Producer

Rick Brown


Carlos Veron

Content Studio

MPC Creative

Creative Director

Alan Bibby

Creative Director/Writer

Patrick Condo

Executive Producer

Dan Sormani

VFX Producers

Paulina Salazar, Giselle Bailey




Russell Glasgow

Assistant Editor

Silas Orteza




Adrian Seery

Executive Color Producer

Dani Zeitlin

Color Producer

Jenna Gabriel



Lead Animator

Tristan Balos

Animation Team

Damien Bastelica, Roger Hom, Blake Patrick, Sean Lattrell, Anne Calandre, Harry Teitelman, Noah Rubin

2D VFX Team

Aleksandar Djordjevic, Tobey Lindback, Kelly Bruce, Mazyar Sharifian, Ted Abeyta, Meghan Sesnie, Anton Anderson, Derina Doorley, Matthew Lane-Smith, Greg Gilpatrick, Steinar Nedreboe, Hieu Phan

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